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Teacher Training

Are all of your teaching staff providing high quality delivery of Physical Education, to every child at your school? 

The National Curriculum aims to ensure that all pupils:

  • Develop compentence to excel in a broad range of physical activities
  • Are physically active for sustained periods of time
  • Engage in competitive sports and activities 
  • Lead healthy, active lives 

Sport Specific Teacher Training

Our teaching support programme is an effective and sustainable way for schools to empower their staff and provide ongoing Continuted Professional Development (CPD). We provide schools with highly qualified practitioners, who work alongside school staff to improve thier knowledge and confidence in a range of sports a physical activities. Teaching staff will learn: how to structure a PE lesson, new games and skill practices, appropriate modifications to challenge children of different abilities, to manage behaviour out of the classroom, effective ways to keep children physically active for sustained periods and how to have competition (without the tears!). 

OPTION 1: Inset Day 

  • Action packed day of learning for your team 
  • Six hour training day 
  • Take part in practical sessions 
  • Choose 6 sports  
  • Lesson plans provided 
FROM £499 per day

OPTION 2: Twilight Session 

  • Ongoing support
  • Six 2 hour sessions  
  • After school 
  • Participate in sessions 
  • Lesson plans provided 
FROM £799   

OPTION 3: Term Time CPD

  • Work alongside sports educators  
  • Team teach PE lessons
  • Support across the whole curriculum 
  • Regular meetings and feedback 
  • Teacher can observe, support, team teach and lead 
FROM £40 per hour

OPTION 4: Lunchtime Support 

  • 2 hour workshop 
  • Equip lunchtime staff 
  • Learn age appropriate games 
  • Effective behaviour management 
  • Easy to follow session plans
FROM £299 

Case Study

Maple Infants

Objective: Maple Infants’ leadership team wanted a whole school approach to improving their teachers PE delivery. 

Solution: Pleiades Leisure presented a 38 week plan; delivering sessions, observing staff, offering support and planning every step of the way. 


  • Maple appreciated having access to planning to support their teaching.
  • Teachers felt their practice benefitted from seeing Pleiades Leisure conduct sessions/certain skills or activities first before picking it up themselves in subsequent weeks’ teaching
  • They felt that Pleiades Leisure always adapted their practice for both the higher and lower ability children within each class - and again teachers have been able to take this on board for their own future practice.
  • Teachers have also felt the benefit of always having a Pleiades session on a Monday - it's a structure that works for everyone's timetables and is also consistent for the children.


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