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Pleiades have been offering individual tailor made parties for many years; we have a reputation for delivering fun, exciting and memorable sports birthday parties. 

A typical party will last for 90 minutes, we will require you to book a venue that has suitable space for the chosen sports and the amount of participants. Venues can be either indoors or outdoors but the venue must have toilets. For more information about our parties or to book your sports coach all you need to do is use the form below or call our party coordinator Chelsea on 01483 270 160. We may also be able to offer advice on suitable sports party venues.


The cost of the coach is £90 for 60 minutes, £130 for 90 minutes, £160 for 120 minutes. This will include all the planning and running of the day, all supervision of children during the party times and a medal for the birthday child. For an extra fee we can provide a medal for every other individual, and/or a trophy for the birthday child (on top of their complimentary medal), which can be discussed beforehand. All coaches will arrive at the venue 30 minutes before the party start time to set up for no extra charge.

SkillZone Parties

A standard SkillZone football birthday party is based around inclusion for all and fun, fun, fun! Our experienced coaches will aim to improve players technical and decision making skills by a range of activities such as: tagging games, fun football games, 1v1 challenges, small sided games, wembley doubles, crossbar/penalty challenges, futsal and world cup tournaments.

FunSport Parties

A standard FunSport party is aimed to cater for all children, no matter what their favourite sport is. Our coaches will aim to motivate party-goers by playing a range of different games/sports such as: tagging games, age appropriate fun games, dodgeball, handball, basketball, cricket, parachute challenges, hockey, soft polo, scooter hockey, curling and any other sports/games you might require.

Click HERE to see more information on Funsport and Skillzone parties.


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