Autumn Camps - Surrey Hills (Westcott) - Dorking

Surrey Hills (Westcott) - Dorking

Come and join at our exciting holiday camp at Surrey Hills Primary School. 

Drop off/pick up timings: 

Zebras- 5-6yr olds: 8:30-3:30pm

Bears- 7-8yr olds: 8:50- 3:50pm

Giraffe 9+: 9:10- 4:10pm

Our holiday camps are held at Surrey Hills Primary School, Dorking, RH4 3QF.

October Camp Full Week

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
25th October to 29th October 2021

October Camp Monday Only

25th October 2021

October Camp Tuesday Only

26th October 2021

October Camp Wednesday Only

27th October 2021

October Camp Thursday Only

28th October 2021

October Camp Friday Only

29th October 2021

Questions you may have:

1. What activities will my children be doing?

Due to the latest government guidelines, we are happy to annouce that we can continue with all of our fun, friendly activities. All of the usual camp favourites will be back. Dodgeball, Midnight, Capture the flag. 

2. How do I know my child will be safe?

As a company that has worked in a number of school settings during this pandemic and also as an Ofsted registered childcare provider, we are used to following and implementing stringent policies and procedures. Our existing camp policies and procedures have been reviewed and updated to include COVID-19 practices. Our team members have had necessary training (see point 7) and current government guidelines will be adhered to. Good cleaning practices will be encouraged throughout the week.  

3. Will siblings be split up?

We have planned to operate in line with current government guidance to reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection. This means that children from the same household will NOT be split up. Children from the same household will be kept in the same bubble during the week, regardless of their age. Activities delivered to each bubble will be adapted to match the ability of each child in the bubble. 

4. Can my children switch groups?

Now that we no longer have to adhere to bubbles, children will be allowed to switch groups if deemed safe and appropriate by the lead coach. 

5. What are the camp timings?

All camps will be operating 7 hours a day. Although Covid restrictions have been eased, we do still need to take extra measures at keeping everyone safe, which is why we are continuing with our staggered drop off and pick up timings. This helps reduce long queues at sign ins and pick up. If you have siblings that will be in different groups, you can of course drop them off together at whichever timing is. convienient for you. 

Group sign in and out times are as follows:

Group Name

Registration time

Sign out time



 Zebras - 5 & 6 years 



 Bears - 7 & 8 years 



Giraffes - 9+




6. What happens if someone demonstrates COVID-19 symptoms at one of our camps?

A child displaying COVID-19 symptoms will be removed from their group and put into an isolation room until they can be collected by their parent, guardian, or carer. You will be instructed to follow government guidelines for anyone who is suspected to have COVID-19. This currently involves you and your household self isolating and arranging a COVID-19 test as soon as possible. Remain in isolation until you receive your test results. If the test is negative, you can come out of isolation and return to camp. If the test is positive, you must remain in isolation until ten days have passed and inform us immediately. In this scenario, we will issue credit to your account in line with our terms and conditions.  

7. What additional training have the Pleiades team members had?

You can rest assured that all Pleiades Leisure team members have completed the necessary COVID-19 training. This includes a full CPD day in which our staff were informed of the new and updated policies and procedures, registration, and sign-out procedure, delivering relevant sports and activities, COVID-19 protocol and more. Most importantly, our team will continue to ensure that your child feels safe and has fun at camp. 

If you have any further questions about our camps please do not hesitate to get in touch at