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Active Lunchtime Solutions

Physical activity is very important, especially during the school day. Children achieve higher academically if they are frequently engaged in sports, as it is beneficial for the mind and body. Children spend roughly 20% of their school day on the playground, lunchtime provides the perfect opportunity for children to get at least 30 minutes of exercise.


Our team of coaches can support teaching staff on the playground to deliver a range of creative movement games and varied sports creating a safe, thriving, sports environment for pupils to enjoy during their dinner break. 


We pride ourselves on being able to develop great personal relationships with the children. This alongside a more active playground will reduce the amount of incidents, accidents and behavioural issues that lunchtime supervisors are often left to try resolve.


Sport Specific Clubs

  • Choice of SkillZone Soccer or Funsport (multi-sport) 
  • Planned activities delivered by qualified sports coaches 
  • Skill based sessions and games  
  • Improved ball manipulation and control 
  • Develop teamwork and tactics 
  • Reward cards 

Lunchtime Sports Supervision

  • Zoning off the playground/field
  • Add structure to the lunchtime 
  • Delivery of fun and creative movement games 
  • Increase pupil engagment, regardless of gender or ability
  • Improve mental and physical wellbeing 
  • Behavioural issues decreased  


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