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About Us

Making sport fun for everyone!

Pleiades Leisure is a UK based organisation specialising in the coaching, instructing and teaching of children of all abilities aged 4 to 16 in schools, health facilities and sports clubs with expert instruction in the areas of fitness, education and sport.

Among our growing clientele are 30+ nursery, primary and secondary schools; the prestigious Foxhills Resort and Wentworth Club, as well as a successful Premier League football club.

Pleiades was formed in 2010 merging our brands Funsport & SkillZone Soccer.

Why the name ‘Pleiades’ you may ask? Well Pleiades is a cluster of stars which fits with our company vision of always aiming higher and our mission of helping our clients achieve more than they ever felt possible. The stars are also a bright, luminous blue and you will see blue running through each of our brands.